GRADE: any
LENGTH: 5-10 minutes
TOPIC: listening to a book



Instead of letting the students read a book, let’s shake things up a bit and let them listen to it!

Find a book that would suit your students’ level and interest them. This is a great library of written books that have also recordings of them as audiobooks available.

Set a specific lesson every week (every Monday) or a specific amount of time (3-5 min) every lesson aside to listen to this book as a class.

After each listening, try some of these activities (it should vary, so your students will not expect the same thing after each listening) – it would be great to have a written text handy for some of these:

ACTIVITY 1: in groups, students create comprehension questions for other students

ACTIVITY 2: in pairs, they read the part out loud

ACTIVITY 3: individually, students find a specific grammar problem you are currently talking about

ACTIVITY 4: in groups, each group chooses a character from the part of the story and gives a characterization of them

ACTIVITY 5: in groups, they create a soundtrack for the scene they have just listened to

ACTIVITY 6: in pairs, they try to summarize in 2-3 sentences what happened

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