GRADE: any
LENGTH: 10-15 minutes
TOPIC: listening and dictating



This is a fun version of classic RUNNING DICTATION. Instead of having pieces of paper with text written, just have different recordings (tape player, computer, cell phone) at different stations.

Have students work with partners or in groups, and make sure you have one available copy of a recording for each group. The recordings should be positioned around the edges of your room.

On your go, one student from each group runs to their recording and listens to part of it. The student must remember what they heard and then run back to their group and dictate it to them. Another group member writes it down and then runs to the recording to memorize the next bit, later running back and dictating it to the group.

Play continues this way, rotating roles until each group has written down the entire transcript of the listening material.

For the recording, it is best to use some YouTube video or even a recording from your textbook.



Time your groups and give a ten-second penalty for each error in the transcript and see who came up with the best time.

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