GRADE: any
LENGTH: 20 minutes
TOPIC: listening to a modern fairy-tale, predicting what is going to happen



Even with older students, this is a great exercise not just for listening but also for talking about tolerance and love.

We use the book PRINCE AND KNIGHT by Daniel Haack (you can get it for example here) which is a book full of breathtaking illustrations and fairy-tale language. You can either read this book to them yourself or you can choose a YouTuber that is reading it and showing the pictures at the same time (my favorite is this one with Nina but there are many others you can choose from).

Let them listen, you can stop and talk about difficult or unknown words.

Then stop at the part of the story where a knight saves the prince and let students guess what is going to happen next. They can discuss it or write it down. After sharing their ideas, continue reading and be charmed.

After hearing the real ending, there is a great opportunity to talk about equality, different forms of love we are used to seeing, and so on.

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