GRADE: any
LENGTH: 30 minutes
TOPIC: following directions to find a treasure



Create a treasure hunt with different cards hidden in the classroom or schoolyard. Write a short story and clues that tell where to find the next clue. Divide students in groups and give them a map and a clue sheet to locate the treasure.

The clue sheet should begin with a short text that describes an actual or fictional event in the past. The story should include the name of the characters and vague descriptions of the treasures involved. The rest of the clue sheet should be filled with hints, codes and even secret messages for students to decode.


examples of clues:

  • Hello my lovelies,
    Here’s your next clue,
    To find the surprise,
    You must seek a shoe.
  • You can sit at me to eat,
    I’m usually stable,
    I have four legs,
    I am a ……
  • Go to the room,
    To the left right corner,
    I’m sitting in the cupboard,
    Look in the top …….
  • I am tall and proud,
    You can stand under me.
    Animals live in my branches,
    I am a ……

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