GRADE: any
LENGTH: 10-15 minutes
TOPIC: talking about Czech Easter traditions



Show students 2 pictures of Czech traditions (down below – pomlázka and splashing water) and let them work in pairs or groups and brainstorm ideas about what Czech traditions celebrating Easter are they displaying.

Then go around the class and share your ideas and write them on the board. Try to come up with reasonings for why it is celebrated this way.

Then take a vote and choose 1 theory for each picture that the majority of people vote for.

After deciding, what the traditions stand for, reveal the not so pretty meaning behind both of those pictures. You can let them do it on their own using Google and hear the gasps as they are finding out or you can do it as a class (for example here or here).

Discuss the pros and cons of celebrating Easter like this. You can use the PowerPoint presentation (uploaded as a video in this post) to give them some pointers.

Finish the discussion by pairing up girls and boys and having them defend the opposite sides of these traditions (one being pro, one being against).

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