GRADE: any
LENGTH: 10-15 minutes
TOPIC: using desired vocabulary in sentences



Choose a topic and brainstorm vocabulary connected with this topic with your students. Each student should write at least 2 words/phrases on a board. Then create 2 teams (4-6 students in each team works the best), decide where the net will be, and then you just basically play volleyball but with each stroke, they have to say a sentence using one word from the board. They can use each word just once, to make it interesting (the teacher can cross the words out as they are being used).

Instead of using a regular volleyball ball, use a party balloon, since it moves slower and gives the players an opportunity to look at the board, choose the word and say the sentence.



It is good to agree on a minimum number of words that need to be used in every sentence – 5-6 words work great for lower levels but 8-10 is suitable for more advanced students.



Make sure you have enough space to play this game, it is also great for outdoors.

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