SPEAKING A2/B1 “Have you ever…”

Have you ever… 

4B Have you ever…?
A group activity
Sts practise making questions from prompts and describe events, contrasting the present perfect and the past simple.
Copy and cut up one sheet per group of three or four Sts.
Have you ever + past participle…?
Past and present tense follow-up questions
Past tense
+ and forms
Have you ever been to London? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
When did you go there?
• Copy the exchange in the Language box on the board and elicit that this is a typical exchange which begins in the present perfect, and then goes on to the past simple to ask for details.
• Put Sts in groups of three or four and give each group an envelope with a copy of the strips. Sts take it in turns to take a strip out of the envelope and ask the other Sts in their group the question.
• Demonstrate the activity first by getting a student to ask you the question they’ve drawn out of the envelope. Answer the question and elicit a follow-up question.
• Encourage the Sts to ask follow-up questions.
• Get some feedback from various groups.
NON-CUT ALTERNATIVE Make one copy per pair and cut in half horizontally. Give Sts half each and get them to ask and answer the questions.

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