SPEAKING A2/B1 “How much / How many…”

How much / How many…

5C How much / How many…?
A group activity
Sts read out and answer questions using How much / How many. Copy and cut up one sheet per group of three or four.
Quantifiers: how much / how many, too much / (not) enough
• Write on the board: HOW CLASSES DO YOU TEACH A WEEK? Elicit the missing word (many) and ask Sts to guess. Write down, as they say them (a lot, quite a lot, not many, too many, not enough, a few). Give them the answer and write possible answers on the board for Sts to use as reference.
• Put Sts in groups of three or four and give each group a set of cards. Each student takes a turn taking a card, asking the question (using
much or many) to the student to their left. Then they ask the follow-up questions for more information. Sts take cards and ask questions until the cards or the time run out.

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