SPEAKING A2/B1 “I need some advice…”

I need some advice

8A I need some advice
A group speaking activity
Sts practise giving advice to each other. Copy and cut up one sheet per group of four or five Sts.
What should I do? I think you should… You shouldn’t…
• Put Sts in groups of four or five. Give each group a set of cards, face down.
• Sts take turns reading the situations. Each student in the group has to give a different piece of advice. The person who the reader thinks gave the best advice keeps the
card. Demonstrate by picking up a card and reading the problem. Let Sts give you advice, get as many to talk as possible. Then choose one of the options and say
I’ll do that.
• Sts continue until the cards are finished. The student with the most cards is the winner.
NON-CUT ALTERNATIVE Copy one sheet per pair and cut it in half. Put Sts in pairs and give them half each. They alternate reading their problems and giving advice.

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