SPEAKING A2/B1 “Talk about it”

Talk about it

6C Talk about it
A group board game
Sts revise past, present, and future forms. Make one copy of the board game for groups of three or four Sts. You also need one dice per group and one counter per student.
Sentence formation in past and present forms
• Put Sts in small groups of three or four. Give each group a copy of the board game and a dice.
! If you don’t have a dice, give each group a coin. Sts toss the coin for their go and move 1 for heads and 2 for tails.
• Explain the rules of the game. Sts throw a dice and move the corresponding number of circles on the board. When they land on a circle, they must talk for 30 seconds about
the topic. Then each of the other Sts in the group must ask them a question about the topic.
• Sts play the game in their groups. The game finishes when someone reaches the
Finish square

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