SPEAKING A2/B1 “Which do you prefer…”

Which do you refer

5A Which do you prefer? Why?
A pairwork / group speaking activity
Sts say which of two things or activities they prefer and why.
Personalize the activity by writing local things to compare on the last two cards. Copy and cut up one sheet per group of four or five Sts.
Comparative forms
I prefer swimming in a pool because it’s cleaner.
• Put Sts in groups of four or five and give out a set of cards face down.
• Demonstrate the activity by asking a student to pick a card and ask you. Sts take turns to pick a card and ask the other Sts: Which do you prefer, …or…? Why?
• Monitor while Sts are talking, correcting any mistakes with comparative forms. When Sts have finished, get feedback from a few pairs or groups.
NON-CUT ALTERNATIVE Give out one uncut sheet to each pair or group. Get them to discuss the topics on each card saying which they prefer and why

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