SPEAKING B1/B2 “What had happened?”

What had happened?

12AWhat had happened?
A group activity
Sts practise using the past perfect by giving reasons for situations they read on cards. Copy and cut up one sheet for groups of four or five Sts.
Past perfect
We couldn’t use our car because someone had stolen it.
• Write on the board
I WENT TO SEE MY BROTHER YESTERDAY. HE WAS SAD BECAUSE… and try to elicit answers using the past perfect (e.g. his football team had lost / his dog had died).
Now put Sts in groups of four or five and give them a set of cards, face down.
• Sts take turns taking a card, reading the situation and completing the sentence. Remind Sts that they must use the past perfect. The rest of the group decide if the sentence is correct and think of alternatives. Monitor and help.
• Sts repeat the activity until they run out of cards. Sts then decide in their groups who was the best at inventing reasons.

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