Speed dating/Find a soul mate

Level: A2-B1

Topic: Getting to know each other

Aim: Practice questions in the present, past, future

Pre-speaking stage

The teacher asks students how they meet new friends. Students share their experiences. The teacher asks „What is speed dating?“.  Students answer and describe the rules of this game.

While speaking stage

Students sit in two rows opposite each other. They get 10 questions to ask. One line starts to ask the first 5 questions and the line opposite answers. There is a time limit of 30 seconds, and the teacher signals when the time is expired. After 30 seconds, students in the first line have to move right and ask the same questions next person opposite. When students ask all people on the other side, the other line asks another 5 questions on the list. When they finish they prepare another 5 questions in groups of four and choose a person they think is their soul mate to ask these questions.

Post-speaking activity

Each student has to find a soul mate and explains to the class why it is their soul mate based on the information they got from the game.

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