Tall Tale

Tall Tales

Level B1

Grade 9th

Topic: tales

Length: 45 min

Resource: 84 cards (Dixit) 

Groups of 5/6

HOW TO: Divide the class into groups of 5/6 people. The aim of this game is creating stories out of the pictures the students see in the cards. Dixit cards only have images, no text can be found, so students have to use their brains.

Each group will be formed by 4 or 5 storytellers and 1 spokesperson ( that is, the person who will have to tell the story to the other groups once they have finished their own stories). We give 4 cards to each storyteller. The first storyteller picks up a card among the ones he or she has ( the storyteller has to create the story according to what the card is showing) and creates the beginning of the story, the next storyteller does the same, picks up a card and continues the story…and so on until the last storyteller produces the end of the story. When all the storytellers have used one card, the round is over, and so is the story. This means that if each storyteller has 4 cards, there will be four rounds and therefore 4 different stories.

The work of the spokesperson will be recording each story conceived by the group. So… in each group 4/5 pick up the cards and create the story, and one, the captain of the boat, records all the stories. When all stories finish, the group will have to choose one of the stories they have created and the spokesperson will have to tell that story to the other groups.

Once each spokesperson narrates the tale of the group, all groups vote for the best story and the winner receives a prize. Obviously, groups cannot vote for themselves.

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