TELL ME MORE… / M&M’s edition

GRADE: any
LENGTH: 5-10 minutes
TOPIC: discuss given topics



Choose a candy that is affordable and has different colors, we use LENTILKY in Czechia, but M&M’s are available worldwide and work as well (just are not as delicious). Then create a list of questions or topics, as many as there are different colors of your chosen candy. After that, assign each color a question/topic which can vary based on your students’ level.

Let students work in groups (5-6 students is optimal) and let them independently choose a candy, talk about the assigned topic, eat the candy, and again and again and again.



Make a rule of how long/how many sentences the person has to talk about a given topic – 20-30 seconds or 8 sentences usually work very well.


example of a list of topics for A1 students:

TELL ME MORE_lentillky_edition


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