GRADE: any
LENGTH: 10-15 minutes
TOPIC: writing a formal, but an unusual excuse for not being able to attend the next lesson



Some people think it is an urban legend but I believe the emails that inspired this exercise are authentic.

First, go over the original posts in which a professor is explaining why the test will be moved – he was shot, he has covid and he is in the middle of a divorce.

The students should write an email to you and describe a completely unbelievable story (just like the one attached but theirs doesn’t have to be true at all) about why they cannot attend the next lesson. They should try to describe it vividly and in detail but it doesn’t have to be long.

The six key components to email:
a) Subject Line
b) Greeting
c) Intro/Purpose
d) Detail
e) Ask/Action
f) Closing/Sign-off


the original posts:


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