GRADE: any
LENGTH: 15 minutes
TOPIC: writing a diary



First of all, brainstorm with your students ideas about WITCH BURNING. What do they think of first, when they hear those words?

After that, introduce the Czech tradition of WITCH BURNING, which occurs on 30th April every year to say the last goodbye to winter and welcome spring (history and traditions are explained in the document below).

Tell your students, they will be writing diary entrances and they can choose from whose point of view:

  • it can be either diary of a very young kid (7-8 years old) who is new to the Czech Republic and is only hearing about this night of “burning witches” without knowing anything, so they can walk through the trains of thoughts and conspiracy theories that are developing in the young child’s mind of what is going to happen
  • or it can be a diary of a real medieval witch that was sentenced to death and these will be her last entrances, they can walk the reader through her last days and thoughts


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