This project started in October 2019 and finished in March 2020. It was supposed to continue, but due to the closure of the Spanish school and that the French teacher in Sweden changed schools it didn’t go on. The new substitute teacher in Sweden were not prepared to go on with the project. It was difficult for the Spanish teacher to continue the work when the lessons were digital and everything about that was new.

In Sweden there were 11 students in year 7 and in Spain there were 21 students involved. The evaluation was written by all Spanish students and 9 Swedish.

Since the teachers hadn’t learnt how to use eTwinning the students sent ordinary letters by post. The positive thing about this was that they could decorate their letters very beautifully.

The Spanish students also made a film which they shared with the Swedish students. The Swedish students started making a film, but because of the change of teachers they didn’t finish it.


The evaluation consisted of 4 questions which the students answered.

21 students thought that the letter writing had helped them to improve their French very much. 9 students thought that the improvement was moderate. Our conclusion is that the 9 students were quite good from the beginning.

Almost all students thought that they had good use of the knowledge they had from their lessons. Just 3 students didn’t agree.

29 students gave this activity a high mark and 1 student didn’t agree.

29 students recommended this activity for other language classes and, as above, 1 student didn’t think so. 

As a final conclusion it was a good exercise and the students had to use their French knowledge in real life. As we have contact persons in each of the involved countries we can continue to use this activity in the future.