The German project was realized in 2022 between students in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia. Students start learning a second foreign language at the age of 13 or 14 years of age. Four classes from the three countries took part in the project with students aged 13-16 years.

In Sweden, 8 students (a small class) participated in the project, in Estonia 5 students and 25 students from The Czech Republic.

The goal of the project was an exchange of letters in German, which took place online.
Emails (through the teachers) were sent between students in Estonia and Sweden, between students in Estonia and The Czech Republic and between students in Sweden and The Czech Republic.


The evaluation consisted of 4 questions which the students answered.

The project has helped 51% to learn the German language Good or Very good and just 4% thought that they had learnt Little or Very little.

Almost all students, 89%, thought that they had good use of the knowledge from their lessons, but 9% of the students didn’t agree.

86% of the students rated this activity well, 8% thought it didn’t give them so much.

71% of the students would recommend this activity for other students, but as many as 23% of the students didn’t agree.

Most students said that it was a good exercise and they had to use their German knowledge and it was a good way of doing so. Some of them also wrote that they want to go on writing to each other.

The reason some of them gave that they didn’t recommend the activity for others was that it took so long time in between the emails. This is something for the teachers to think of when they use the activity again.

As we have contact persons in each of the involved countries, we can continue with this activity in the future.