The Russian teachers in Märjamaa, Darja Lehtsalu, and Kadan, Vlentyna Tsoka, changed videos during the project. These videos were made by local students in Russian and the topics were: Introduction of yourself, your country and the traditions of your country. When being in another country they visited each other’s lessons .

Darja taught students in forms 8 and 12 in Kadaň according to the book she uses in Estonia and Valentyna  taught in Märjamaa in forms 7 and 9 according to the book she uses in the Czech Republic.

At the end of the lessons they answered the students’ questions.

In both countries they spoke to students about their countries, compared what is the same and what is different. It turned out, that in the Czech Republic students are far better at Russian than in Estonia because of the similarities with their mother tongue, in Estonia Russian is a bit more difficult to acquire because Estonian and Russian are very different. In spite of that in both countries students enjoyed the lessons and the opportunity to listen to the language they are studying.