The activity took place in May 2022, but will continue after the project time.

21 students from classes 2.A, 2.B participated in The Czech Republic and 13 students in Sweden, year 9.

Activity: exchanging personal letters via emails. The emails were sent to the teachers, so that they could be in charge of the mini project. Later we hope that they will continue to write private emails.


The students seemed enthusiastic about the activity. The questionnaire consisted of 5 questions. Students could rate the activity from 5 stars – very good to 1 star – very bad.

Most of the students (31 of 34) responded that the activity has helped them to learn the language in some way. Most of the students enjoyed the activity and would recommend it for other students. Just two didn’t agree. Most of the students wanted to keep in touch with the foreign penpals and some of them follow each other on instagram or other social media. Only two students estimated the activity as poor. Only four students did not recommend this activity for other students.

Comments from the students are: We want to write more letters, It was fun, I wish to stay in contact with the person.

This shows that exchanging personal letters/emails between students from different countries is a good idea to practice a language. Real people will read and answer the letters/emails and that makes it more fun.