In Sweden 4 students with Swedish as a Second Language (year 9) joined the project. They had been in Sweden between 3 and 4 years. In Estonia there were 10 people studying Swedish. They started study Swedish in year 10 and were in year 11 during the project activity.

Since the teachers hadn’t enough knowledge about how to use eTwinning the students wrote emails to each other. They continued until the end of the school year and after that the Swedish students finished in Nästegårdsskolan.

This activity took place in the spring of 2021.


The evaluation consisted of 4 questions which the students answered.

9 students thought that the activity had helped them to improve their knowledge of Swedish. The others thougth the the improvement was moderate.

7 students thought they had used the knowledge they had acquired during the the lessons in Swedish. 3 Swedish students didn’t think they had used the knowledge from their lessons because what they wrote about was partly things they had learnt in Sweden anyway.

3 students in Estonia prefered to use Google translate from Estonian into Swedish and by doing that they learnt some new words.

11 students thought it was a good activity which they gave a high mark. But 2 students didn’t agree.

All students recommended this activity to others.


It is a good exercise and the students had to use their Swedish knowledge in real life. As we have contact persons in each of the involved countries we can continue to use this activity in the future.