Final evaluation

One of the project’s objectives for students was that they should be motivated to learn a foreign language. Especially many of the Swedish students were not so motivated earlier. All involved Swedish students now feel that they are more motivated and almost all students from the other countries are more motivated. We believe that the very few who said they are not more motivated were already motivated before.

All involved students said that they had used English in real life since the project started which was one of the other objectives. It could be to speak with other people during LTT:s or to be part of making exercises for the students in other countries and to use exercises made by others and not just from ordinary school books.

The third objective for the students was to be more familiar with using ICT in language learning. About 50% said they were and 50% that they were not. More Swedish students said they were not more familiar with using ICT tools for learning languages. Perhaps the reason is that all of them have had a personal computer at school since year 4 and before that ipads. They are already familiar with using ICT in their school work.

The last objective was to be better in English or another language then before the project started. Again most of the students thought that they were better and just a few that they were not. It is hard to tell whether it is due to the project or if it is just because it is three years later since the project started. We like to believe it is at least partly due to the project.

The teachers’ objectives were to have more lesson activities in the four competences reading, writing, speaking and listening, to make the lessons more varied, and to have improved ICT skills. There are almost 200 different activities uploaded on the common webpage that we now can choose between. Some of them are made by the students about different customs in their own country and those are popular among the other students. So we have achieved that objective.

Most involved teachers think that they have improved their ICT-skills in language teaching which was the second objective. Those who haven’t improved the skills were already good at using ICT tools.

Using eTwinning was not an objective, but we wanted to do that. Unfortunately we never did, so we are not better in that respect.