Gymnázium Kadaň is a secondary comprehensive school with 280 students and 27 teachers. You either start at 11 or 15 and continue to 19 years of age. Each student in a study program in secondary school is obliged to pass final exam from foreign language or maths. We teach English, German, Spanish and Russian in our school. 8 teachers and 40 student will be involved in the project.


Grammar School Kadaň joined the programme Comenius – Schools’ Partnership with its project Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) in September 2011 for 2 years. We closely cooperated with other 11 schools from 8 European countries. The project follows the GLOBE Programme, in which we have been working 15 years.

Learning languages is an essential competence of our students and a part of a our lifelong learning and since Kadaň is situated near the border to Germany we see the need of not only English but the German language. We have expertise in sharing things on the internet on our school’s webpage and that is something we can share with the other schools. There is a very skilled teacher in computer science who can be of great support. When the students reach 16 they get an extra conversational English class, until graduation, the aim is to practise fluency. We are good at that and can share our competence in teaching conversation/speaking which is one part of the project.

We have worked in projects with schools in many countries and in that way we are used to working with many nationalities and schools even if we have not had an Erasmus Project. ICT tools are not used so often in our classrooms which will be a big potential to expand our methodology and pedagogical skills in. We need to interconnect more ICT skills when it comes to language learning. With this project we would like to develop these methods.

The key people will be language teachers and the Head Teacher Tomas Orsulak and if he quits the school, the next Head Teacher will take over his role in the project . The English teachers are good at teaching the key competence of Speaking which is one of the competences we are going to work with. 8 teachers will be involved in the project.

The Czech school system: