Märjamaa Gümnasium is an educational establishment where there are 531 students and 51 teachers. We have classes from the age of 7 (first form) until the age of 18-19 years old (12th form), the students study in 27 different classes in the same building. We always start school on the 1 September and finish in the middle of June – 175 days. The school year is divided into 3 equal terms and after that we have a week’s holiday, except Christmas holidays which is longer. When the students graduate from our school, they are ready to continue at the university or choose another school . To school belong a big stadium, a school garden and students can use a swimming pool. In our school we teach English, German, Russian, Finnish and Swedish as foreign languages.

Our curriculum says that students should use the language in real life, this is where the project mobility and all activities are of great help and students can continue their relationships combined with their learning process even after the project is over.Their language skills are often used only in the classroom. With the partners, the teachers would like to develop the ICT skills in language learning by exchanging experience and learning from the others. One of the priorities in the school is to teach foreign languages and motivate students in every possible way and encourage teachers to use the latest methods and technology to support students. This is why the school is willing to join the project to participate in every possible way. The key people will be the 5 language teachers and the Head Teacher – 6 in total. The contact person will be Sirje Ehrenpreis, English teacher and the 2nd contact person will be Ülle Kasemaa , German teacher. Our school had an Erasmus+ project from September 2016 until May 2018. That project has given the school experiences of working in a project and the school can share the knowledge with the other schools involved and we know how to
handle a project. The students in Märjamaa Gümnaasium like language studies in general, so teachers and students will have a good influence to students in the other countries. There will be around 200 students involved in the project.

Estonian education system https://www.educationestonia.org/about-education-system/